Convictions: What We Believe

Open Road Fellowship Church

Convictions: What We Believe

Do Christians have nonnegotiable beliefs, and if so, what are they? Join us in this eight-week series as we look at eight key topics in evangelical theology that all Christians agree about. Our faith will be challenged as we ask ourselves, “When it comes to my beliefs, what is important and why?

God the Father created everything that exists out of nothing. Where do you go when you start a book? The very beginning. And when we open the Bible to the first chapter of the first book, this truth is what we read: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). The question for believers should not be did God create everything, but why did God create everything? When we say God is the Creator, and that he created everything—including you—that implies intention. God created you for a purpose.

Service time is at 10:00am... we will be live-streaming the service online at Open Road Fellowship.  

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