Plantation Park School Supply Drive

Open Road Fellowship Church

When you walk into a public school classroom, what do you see? Posters on the walls, baskets of scissors and glue sticks and pencils, dry erase markers, decorations commemorating the seasons, definitely some kind of big run for the younger grades. There are boxes of tissues and Clorox wipes and hand santizers. Schools don't typically supply this stuff. Teachers do. A hugh majority of teachters spend their own money on school supplies. 

This is were we step in. We have adopted the entire Kindergarten Department at Plantation Park Elementary School. We have made it our mission to let these kids know that they are loved and someone cares for them. One way we do this is by helping the teachers supply their rooms... removing the burden and worry of making sure they have the materials they need. This allows them to focus and love on these kids.

We have 3 ways this year you can use to participate in this endeavor:

  • Amazon Wish List - click on link to take you to our school supply list on Amazon, allowing you to choose from the various items on the list and have the items shipped directly to the church.
  • Supply List - click on link - will allow you to download the list of supplies needed. You can use the list to go to your favorite store and buy the items. We do ask when shopping, you buy in quantities of 5, allowing easy distribution among the classes.
  • Direct giving - click on link - will allow you to donate funds online directed to this project. Great way to be involved if you are one who just doesn't have time to shop or you are one of our regulars who live outside our area and want to get involved.

Join us in making this year a great year for our kids!

Come As You Are - Sundays at 10 am