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Being a good friend is easy! As long as you make time to hang out, remember their birthday, and answer their texts, you’re eligible for the Great Friend Award . . . right? Friendship might feel easy when life is easy, but it gets more complicated when your friends are hurting or struggling. What should you do? What should you say? What should you not say? When our friends need help, there are no easy answers, but in this 4-week serieson Friendship, With You, we’ll follow the lead of a few people who’ve been there. Through the stories of Job, Ruth, Naomi, Elijah, Eli and Hannah, we’ll see how God invites us to “be with” people when they’re grieving, lonely, in need, or feeling hopeless, and how God is already with them.

If I told you there are people in the world who are "in need," what do you think I mean? Which needs do you think I'm talking about? Whether you're thinking about people in other parts of the world or people close to home, the truth is there are people everywhere who need greater access to essential things like clean water, shelter, food, or education. This was also true in Jesus' time. Back then, some people believed God wanted certain people to suffer. They thought maybe those people deserved it. But when Jesus showed up, He showed us a different way. He cared deeply about people. He sought out people who had needs, and helped meet those needs, but He also spent time with them. Jesus saw people's humanity first — not just their needs. And He calls us to do the same. Because whether it's someone across the ocean or across the street, we're called to be with people when they're in need.

Join us Thursday nights as we study from the Word of God to grow as the "sons and daughters of God."  We also will take time out for some fun and games, relaxing and connecting with each other.  See ya' there!!

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