Fresh Air: How the Gospel Renews and Revives

Open Road Fellowship Church

Many individuals want a fresh start at the beginning of the year. This series, Fresh Air: How the Gospel Renews and Revives, details the gospel’s power to bring us hope, renewed strength, and contentment, even in difficult times. 

The gospel shows us that God’s plan for us has always been reconciliation. When we accept the gospel as truth, we can be freed to begin healing the hurts, mistakes, and regrets of our past. The world may continue to condemn us for the things we did in our past, and there may be some lasting consequences this side of heaven that repentance demands we accept, but when it comes to the one opinion that truly matters, we are cleared of all charges. In the end, the gospel renews and refreshes us through God’s healing touch. And when we surrender our hearts and lives to him, he will never be outdone.

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