Beast Feast - Men of Courage

The Stable

BEAST FEAST Wild Game Dinner & Outdoor Event!!!

  • Manly Meal: FREE Wild Game Entrees, Shane's Fried Catfish & Dessert!
  • Manly Music: Awesome Worship!
  • Manly Message: Word from the Lord via Chris Frye, Pastor at New Hope in Eunice, Louisiana!

So, save the date and join us for Man Church @ The Stable

  • Tailgate: 4:30pm
  • Wild Game Dinner: 5:30pm
  • Speaker/Give-aways: 6:30pm

Join us for one of the area's largest tailgate parties with tons of Food, Boats, RV's. ATV's, Give-aways plus so much more!

For guys of ALL ages (12-120), so make sure to bring a friend!   Check out Men of Courage - Beast Feast  and Men Of Courage LA on FaceBook for more info and updates...

Come As You Are - Sundays at 10 am