Effective: August 17, 2021

Purpose: The purpose of the COVID Guideline is to provide a standard by which Open Road Fellowship Church will conduct itself during these challenging times of the COVID pandemic. It does not prevent movement of the Holy Spirit or good judgment from being used in the process.

In Effect: This guideline will be enacted during times of heightened concerns for COVID spread as deemed by governmental authorities, other seen practices, or as determined by the Pastor.

Spirit: To help people continue to grow in their faith and stay as safe as possible, fully aware we cannot eliminate all dangers, we will attempt to follow these guidelines with a spirit of love and respect for those who choose to worship with us.

Procedures to follow during times of heightened COVID concerns:

  1. The following people are asked to worship online instead of in person:
    • Anyone with an active COVID case
    • Anyone that is living with someone who has an active COVID case
    • Anyone who has new onset of any symptoms that may be COVID related
    • Anyone who feels they have had a significant known exposure.
  2. Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn while inside close quarters with other people.
  3. Please refrain from hugs or handshaking. Instead, do a fist bump and wave.
  4. Please maintain adequate distance from each other.
  5. The building will be “fogged” with disinfectant Sunday afternoons and Friday to sanitize the building after gatherings.
  6. The toys in the Open Road Kids’ area will be rotated out to allow adequate sanitization. 
  7. Some Sunday servants positions may be asked to wear a mask while serving
    • Pastor - During greeting and mingle time. May remove mask during worship and preaching
    • Hospitality - Those in direct contact with donuts and waters while serving.
    • Inside Greeters - Due to the close funnel and contact at the door entering the worship area, inside greeters will be asked to wear a mask while handing out bulletins.
    • Kids’ Greeter and Check-in Person - To relieve parents’ anxiety, these servants will need to wear a mask during the check-in process.
    • Kids’ Area Helpers - During greeting and mingle time, and when taking kids to and from the restrooms, masks should be worn.
    • Kids’ Teachers - During greeting and mingle time. Teachers may remove masks during teaching and interaction time. Also may remove the mask if the mask creates undue stress on a child.
    • Tech Team - Determined by the comfort of the team and confirmed by the Worship Leader.
    • Worship Team - Determined by the comfort of the team and decision of the Worship Leader.

Guidelines for stopping in-person gatherings and moving to online:

  1. A legal mandate by civil-authorities
  2. If 10 or more people that attended the previous worship service confirm positive for COVID (only 3 from one family)
  3. If 50% of the leadership team, teachers, and worship team confirm positive for COVID (only 2 from one family)
  4. If 3 people (not in the same family) from any one area of the church that attended the previous worship service, i.e., worship, individual kids’ rooms, the worship center divided into 4 quadrants, student night.

Though we can do all we can to make everyone feel comfortable and safe, we will not meet the needs or expectations of everyone. As long as we LOVE as Christ first loved us, we will be doing as Christ has called us to do.

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