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Open Road Students

April 15, 2021 • 6:00pm |Worship Center

You know that feeling you get when someone makes you a big promise? You probably feel excited, but
you might feel a little skeptical too — especially when that promise gets delayed . . . and delayed again . . . and again. If you have to wait long enough for something you were promised, you might start to wonder when you've waited long enough. Eventually, you might even give up hope. In this 4-week series, Waitlistedwe'll meet a handful of people from Scripture who each spent a long time waiting on God. From the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Paul and Silas, King David, and Joseph, we'll discover that God has a plan, but we might have to wait for it, and we'll be reminded that, while we're waiting, God is faithful, God is listening, and we should never give up, because God’s not giving up on us.

Do you want to know about the worst part of my day? It was the hour I spent on hold with customer service — one hour of waiting, listening to that awful music, and wondering if anyone was ever going to pick up the phone and help me. I know I’m being dramatic, but after so much waiting, I really did start to lose hope anyone was going to come to my rescue — which made me wonder what I’d do if I had to wait for help in an actual crisis, like what happened to Paul and Silas. These guys were thrown in prison for preaching about Jesus. They had no idea how long they’d be there, or if they’d even escape with their lives, so they did the only thing they could: they asked God for help. You can read the whole miraculous story in Acts 16, but here’s the summary: God was faithful to Paul and Silas. And while we’re waiting, God is faithful to us too.

Join us as we study from the Word of God to grow as the "sons and daughters of God."  We also will take time out for some fun and games, relaxing and connecting with each other.  See ya' there!!

Burn Run Serve Day

April 16, 2021 • 5:00pm |Lake Bistineau State Park

Our April church-wide serve day is supporting the 19th Annual Burn Run of the Brother's Keepers MC. We will have an information booth and a kid's area to man through-out the event. Sign up for all that you can.

1st Shreveport Chapter of the Brother's Keepers Motorcycle Club is hosting their 19th Annual Burn Run.  Making sure kids that have suffered from burns can "be a kid again," the chapter has been raising money to support Camp I'm Still Me, the Ark-La-Tex children's burn camp.

There will be live music, great food, a trivia run, and the "world-famous" live auction starts at 12:30 pm on Saturday.  Returning this year is the Burn Run Trail 5K.  Come run the scenic woods of Lake Bistineau State Park as you support the kids at Camp I'm Still Me.

For more information on the event and run, check out 1st Shreveport Brother's Keepers.

Baptism Celebration

April 17, 2021 • 8:30am |Brother's Keepers Motorcycle Club - Burn Run

Have you recently accepted Christ... if so, let me take a second to tell you congratulations on making the best decision you could ever make. But what now?

Honestly, there are so many things, but here are two essential things. Get a bible and begin to read it. Not just to read it, but to allow God to speak to you through His word, and you'll develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That's number 1... 2nd thing to do is, and this is just as important... Get Baptized... Yes, get baptized... It's what we believe is the next step. Why, the easiest answer is, Jesus did it. He was obedient to be baptized, and so should we. 

So if you're a believer in Jesus Christ and you are ready to show the world that you are, make plans for Baptism at the Brother's Keepers' Annual Burn Run, out at Lake Bisteneau. What... yes, getting baptized at a motorcycle rally. 

Sign up, and we'll have a "Dunk" shirt for you. Plan on being there by 8 am to get everyone ready.  Bring a towel... Bring your family... and you are ready to go!  See ya there!

God On Film

April 18, 2021 • 10:00am |Open Road Fellowship Church

God on Film

This four-week series uses Scripture and scenes from blockbuster movies over the last few decades to remind us that we all play an important part in the story of God’s plan of salvation for the world. Whether through public demonstrations of our faith, or creating a place of belonging for the lost, we are called to participate in the story of God’s love for this world. 

There are moments in our lives where we just don’t understand what is happening, and that is when we especially need to trust Jesus. Trusting Jesus with your life can be a scary leap of faith. We can place our trust in Jesus and know that in Him all the promises of God find their "yes" and "amen."


Service time is at 10:00am... we will be live-streaming the service online at Open Road Fellowship.  

Open Road Kid's Church

April 18, 2021 • 10:00am |Mini-Chopper Room

Mini-Choppers (K - 5th):

Who is Jesus? He is God’s Son, and He is exactly who we need when we need Him. In this 4-week series, our kids will get to know Jesus as their Savior. He’s the King of all kings who makes all things new. He’s our light when we feel lost and our empathetic healer when we are suffering. Jesus is the Light... When you feel like you’re in the dark, let Jesus be your light.

Click here for documents:  Konnect Card 

Tiny Tykes (pre-K): 

Jesus gave us exactly what we needed. He showed love for EVERYONE when He died for EVERYONE’S sins on the cross. Three days later, He came back to life! When we choose to follow Jesus, He takes the sin right out of our hearts, so we can love others the way He loves us.  Join us as we journey through our new series - It Is Finished.

Jesus loved us first and does many things to take care of us. Now it’s our turn to see what people need and give it to them. Let’s take turns taking care of each other!

I show love to everyone... because Jesus loves me!

Click here for documents:  Adventure Book, Parent Conversation Card

Open Road Growth Track

April 18, 2021 • 12:30pm |Mini-Chopper Room

The Open Road Growth Track exists to help you discover and develop your redemptive purpose and live the full life God created for you. The Open Road Growth Track is made up of four steps to guide you through this journey:

  1. Become a Member - Walk through our story as we explore the ministry of Open Road Fellowship Church.  Discover what makes Open Road Fellowship, from its humble beginnings, to where we are today, and to where we hope to be in the future.  Learn how membership leads to connecting with the individuals that make up Open Road Fellowship AND with our community.  Become a part of the vision we have for Open Road Fellowship. 
  2. your Design - Dive into the details of your personality - what makes you who you are.  Explore the strengths and challenges of making the most of your personality.  Learn what spiritual gift(s) each of us has been given and how to develop these gifts for the purpose you have been designed.
  3. Develop your Leadership - Discover your purpose as you learn to strengthen your character and gifting to fulfill your leadership potential.  Discover your gifts and passions, and then learn to use them to make a difference in the lives of others.
  4. Join the Team - Make an impact as you connect to the opportunities available at Open Road.  Live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts.

Make sure and register because lunch is provided.  

Come As You Are - Sundays at 10 am