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Have you ever been confident about something (like, really confident) only to find out later that you were really wrong? It happens! We're all bound to get things wrong once in a while, but when our eyes are opened to the truth, what matters is that we change our minds. But when it comes to Jesus, it's not
always easy to know what the truth is or how to share that truth with others. What do we do with all of the big questions that hard to answer? Is Jesus still trustworthy even when His followers mess up or life gets hard? In this 4-week series, Look and See, God invites us to look, and then see, that Jesus is someone we can believe in, Jesus teaches us new things, God can use your story to help others see, and God gives us the strength to keep following Jesus.

So I'm one of those people who learns most of my life lessons through trial and error. A sign could tell me to be careful because the floors are wet, but I'm probably going to ignore it, and will learn my lesson in the half second it takes for me to realize that I've slipped, and that it's going to hurt. But there is one thing that does help me learn without having to actually experience everything for myself, and that's when people I trust tell me stories about what they've learned. I might ignore a "Wet Floor" sign, but if my friend tells me they wiped out in that same hallway, I'm going be careful. The same is true when it comes to faith. I didn't pay much attention to God for a long time, but that changed when a friend told me Jesus was changing her life. So if you know Jesus and you need the reminder, don't forget — God can use your story to help others see.

Join us as we study from the Word of God to grow as the "sons and daughters of God."  We also will take time out for some fun and games, relaxing and connecting with each other.  See ya' there!!

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