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Mini-Choppers (K - 5th):

Compared to Bible heroes and superheroes, it may seem like a regular kid might not have courage. But in the following weeks as we proceed through our lesson, Courage, we'll learn what courage really is and how God can empower all of us when we trust in Him. 

Courage is bravery in the face of fear, doing what’s right even when no one else is, never giving up on the directions God has given us, praying to see God’s promises come true, and giving up everything in our lives as a sacrifice to Him.

Courage Does What's Right - Courage does what’s right, even when other people don’t agree or are too afraid to. Trust God’s strength, and He’ll give you the courage to do what you need to do!

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Tiny Tykes (pre-K): 

Everybody’s Welcome: Peter’s vision and Cornelius

God’s Church isn’t just a building where we learn about God. God’s Church is God’s family! Everybody is welcome in God’s family when they trust and follow Jesus. This lesson about Peter and the centurion Cornelius teaches your little ones that God has a special place for them in His Church! We all fit in God’s family.

God doesn’t leave anybody out. God sent Jesus for everybody! Everybody who trusts and
follows Jesus is a part of God’s family, the Church.

God welcomes everybody ... because of Jesus!

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