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If you've ever gone hiking before, especially in the winter, you know that "breaking trail" is something you do when you encounter deep snow that's tough to navigate. When that happens, one hiker usually goes ahead of their group and clears the way so others can follow behind more easily. A trail-breaker is someone who goes ahead, who makes a new way, and who invites others to follow along behind them. In so many ways, that's exactly what Jesus did for us. He broke a new trail just by existing, but he did so much more than that too. In this 6-week Easter series, Break Trail, we’ll read the stories of Jesus breaking new trails as we discover that Jesus never gives up on us, understands our pain, shows us love, is alive, can be trusted, and gives us a mission.

It's not always easy to know who to trust. Some of us trust just about everyone, no questions asked. Others take our time vetting people before we really open up. And some of us just assume no one is trustworthy — maybe because we've been hurt, betrayed, or let down one too many times. But here's the thing. When enough people break our trust, we might start to wonder if God is like that too. We're not sure if God can be trusted. There's a guy in the Bible named Thomas, who was one of Jesus' closest followers. He heard Jesus had risen from the dead, but he wasn't sure if he could trust that story. It makes sense. He had just watched Jesus die. The idea that Jesus could be back probably seemed too good to be true. But when Jesus showed up in person, He proved to Thomas what He wants us to know too: that Jesus can be trusted.

Join us Thursday nights as we study from the Word of God to grow as the "sons and daughters of God."  We also will take time out for some fun and games, relaxing and connecting.  See ya' there!!

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