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With social media, just about anyone can be an "influencer" with the right content, good timing, and a little bit of luck. Invent a new dance, share a funny take, catch the right moment on camera, and you could get millions of views. Some "influencers" mostly just use their platforms to get free stuff, but once in a while, you find someone who uses their platform to talk about things that actually matter. Obviously they didn't have social media back in Jesus' day, but in the Bible, the book of Acts is filled with stories about "influencers" who had important things to say. In this 4-week series, Pass It On, we’ll hear their stories, discover that our lives can pass on the good news, and learn how to pass on the good news to unexpected people, to our families, and with humility.

Don't you hate it when you find out your friends have been hanging out without you? It's the worst. But even though we all hate being the person who got left out, be honest — you've done this to someone before, haven't you? You know what it's like to be excluded and you know what it's like to exclude too. This isn't just a you and me problem. It's a human problem. Even some early Christians found themselves excluding people in the name of Jesus! When the Jesus movement was first beginning, a lot of Jesus' followers thought only a certain group of people were allowed to become Christians. They even thought Scripture supported them and that, by excluding certain people, they were honoring God. God had to speak to Peter, one of Jesus' closest friends and disciples, in a dream in order to give them this message: the good news of Jesus isn't just for an exclusive group — we're called to pass it on to unexpected people.

Join us Thursday nights as we study from the Word of God to grow as the "sons and daughters of God."  We also will take time out for some fun and games, relaxing and connecting.  See ya' there!!

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