Mourn Again

Worship Center

This series, Mourn Again, invites us into the Lenten season, a time of repentance and mourning over our sin. In mourning for our sin, we are reminded what it was like to come to Christ for the very first time. This Lent, we will remember what it means to encounter Christ with afresh, taking nothing for granted—neither our wrongdoings nor our salvation. We come face to face once more with our ungodly behavior, open our hearts to remorse, and receive forgiveness and our hope in Jesus, who is the Christ.

We remember the Lord’s mercy today to two ends: first, that we might be aware of how it should shape our relationship with him, and second, that we might be aware of how it should shape our relationships with others. God’s mercy ought to be a point of change for us; if we experience the grace of God and remain unchanged, we have missed the point entirely.

Come As You Are - Sundays at 10 am