Ministry Partners

At Open Road Fellowship Church, we believe we can do more together than apart. We fully understand that we can't do everything to effect this hurting world, so we partner with other ministries and organizations to make a difference. Our partnership doesn't just include money, it includes people. We don't send money where we can't send people.


The Hub is on a mission to give everyone in our city access to a restored life. Through the Lovewell Center and Purchased: Not For Sale, the Hub is impacting lives. Our partnership includes working in their Family Serve Day. Providing help at the Lovewell Center to complete projects. Some of our members have become volunteers with the Hub and Purchased. You can find out more about the Hub by visiting their website:


The Warrior Network is an amazing organization located around the Barksdale Airforce Base to create a culture where every Warrior serving in our Armed Forces receives support, finds value, has purpose, embraces potential, and uses their influence to make a difference. The Warrior Network began by simply wanting to bless some of our active-duty members with a Thanksgiving "Feast". Open Road Fellowship was right there that first night and TWN has grown tremendously. For more information about becoming part of the "Family" go to


Our partnership with Plantation Park Elementary started by adopting one kindergarten class so that we could help the teachers love on the kids. Many of these kids come from broken homes, single-parent homes, or other challenges. We know someone is going to lie to them one day and say nobody loves them, and we want them to know that is a lie. We love them and Jesus loves them. After a couple years, we have now adopted the entire kindergarten department, five classrooms.

We start off with a Halloween party (what church does that...). We come in at Christmas and provide each kid with a wrapped toy, plus an unwrapped toy that they are asked to give away. Then we show back up for an Easter egg hunt. We will also swing in to read with the kids and show the motorcycles. What a blessing.

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