We want you to know we are so excited that you want to swing by and be our guest. We are fully aware that the toughest thing for a guest to do is walk through the front door of a new church. So whether you're an "experienced" churchgoer or a "newbie," relax, and come on in. We're expecting you.

A few things you can expect:

Worship Experience

The total worship experience will last a little over an hour or so. We typically do it the same every weekend, so there are no bait and switches. We'll sing a few songs that we'd love for you to participate in, but if you don't, that's OK.

We'll have an engaging, dynamic message that is from the bible and applies to your life. Pastor Raymond says, "if it's deep, likely nobody gets it or can use it." He wants you to leave saying, "I got it, I understand it, and I'm going to apply it."

Lastly, we'll sing another song during a time of reflection, worship, and decision. Many folks find this to be the most moving part of the entire experience. You will not be asked to "walk down" an aisle. As a matter of fact, to pray with Raymond, you have to go to the back. The alter is always open, though.

That's it. You're out.

Welcome Environment

Hopefully, before the worship experience begins, we have welcomed you multiple times. Not that weird kind of welcome that's fake, but that we are genuinely glad you're here. 

Also, on your way in, there are donuts, coffee, water, and kool-aid for the kids. Please take what you want, and you are more than welcome to bring it into the worship area. You spill it, we'll clean it. Jesus doesn't leave because there's a stain on the floor.

The Kiddos

Kids are extremely important to you and us, so we have a few things in place. We suggest that you put your birth thru 5th graders in their age-appropriate environment. It's way more fun for them, and you get a little break.

The nursery is clean, safe, and colorful. The Little Crawlers (birth to 2ish) can play, sleep, and surely be loved on. 

Our Tiny Tykes (2 - 5 y/o) have an energetic, structured, but fun environment where they have fun and get introduced to Jesus.

The K thru 5th graders are in the Mini-Chopper class, where it is time to have fun but begin learning what it means to be a Christ-follower. Most mini-choppers don't want to "promote out" of the class when they get to 6th grade.

Now, all of our kid environments have a check-in system that we will help you with. The child gets a name tag with a unique number and their name on it. Mom/Dad receives a label with only the number on it. When it's time to come pick them up, simply give us your tag: no tag, no kid. That keeps everyone safe. If your child needs you during the service, a number will flash on the screen. You can speed the process up by clicking here and letting us know you'll be attending this week.

Dress And Time

Do we have a dress code? The answer is YES! Yes, please wear some clothes. That's it. We don't care what you wear. If your comfortable, we're comfortable. Pastor Raymond typically wears blue jeans, boots, and a button-up shirt he rarely tucks in. Just be comfortable. Now, it is often said to be a little chilly in the worship area. 

As for our service time, we meet every Sunday at 10 am. There is a timer up to let you know when we're starting, and when the timer hits zero, it's game time. So let's get rolling. 

We sure hope this information helps ease your concern about walking in for the first time. If you have any other questions, email us at admin@openroadfellowship.com. See you on Sunday.

Come As You Are - Sundays at 10 am